All About your baby’s Poop

If you are a new parent, you may have wondered what your newborn’s poop should look like in terms of color, consistency, and frequency. In today’s blog post I discuss some things you need to know about your baby’s poop.

As a newborn, the first few days of poop are what is known as meconium, which is dark greenish-black in color with a thick, sticky consistency. Afterward, the poop should transition to a mustard yellow color as they start digesting milk, whether it is breast milk or formula.

There are only three concerning colors to look out for in your newborn’s poop: bright red, jet black, and very pale. Bright red and jet black are signs of bleeding, while very pale poop may indicate an issue with digesting fats. All other colors are fair game and depend on what your baby has eaten or if they have taken medication.

In terms of consistency, there are three kinds of newborn poop that are very common. One will be a very watery oatmeal-like preparation, another will be a watery or slightly thicker paste, and the third will be a soft toothpaste consistency. It may depend on what your baby is being fed, but the majority of poop will have one of those three consistencies.

The frequency of newborn poop will depend on how old they are and what they are being fed. In the first six weeks, the “rule of seven” or the “rule of one” applies, which means for every day your child is how old, they should have that many wet and poopy diapers in a 24-hour period. After seven days, it may vary from pooping every feed to pooping once a day, every other day, or even skipping several days. If you are ever concerned about constipation, seek guidance from your pediatrician or medical provider.

Overall, it is normal for newborn poop to vary in color, consistency, and frequency. It is essential to be aware of any concerning colors and seek guidance if needed, but otherwise, trust that your baby’s poop is likely normal.

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